Cookie Swap: This Social Media Managment Plugin Changed My Life

Cookie Swap: This Social Media Managment Plugin Changed My Life

For many years I was searching for a social media plugin that could efficiently manage countless social media accounts, seven years later I’ve come across the holy grail.

Most People Are Probably Not Impressed, I Get It.

Most people probably don’t manage various artist accounts, websites, client projects, and the auxiliary social media to go along with them. I had wished that wasn’t the case on this side of the fence, up until now. Over the years I’ve thought about so many alternatives to the problems and consistently ended up with some type of bugged out dashboard app that always fell short when it came to the actual management and account swapping.  I always ended up reverting to using a host of difference browsers for dedicated accounts, with a list of passwords and logins on the ready.

That was until I discovered Cookie Swap for Firefox, and Swap My Cookies For Chrome.

For Those Of You Who Do Get It, A Share Is Your Repayment

What’s great about these plugins is that they allow seamless synchronization of your passwords and accounts and complete command of your social and sharing experience.  Using a simple browser extension you can actively swap between your social media profiles that could include client websites, social media, and various web login gates.  That also means theres no juggling back and forth between your connected accounts.  It just works, and for that, I am grateful.