6 Ways: Be Productive At Anything

1. Set Goals

Goals are not just a benchmark for success. They are a fundamental piece of turning an idea into a product. When you set a goal, you must write them down. It takes an idea from a mental construct that was formless and lifeless, and turns it into a real hardcopy prototype. The most iconic inventions of modern times were at one point mere lines on paper. It stamps its presence into reality and moves potential energy into BECOMING something. It’s no longer imaginary, and it sets the stage for development and implementation.

2. Just Start, Just Stop

What plagues most productivity is procrastination. The hardest part of any task is getting started. What we fear as humans is a task that perceptibly takes an eternity. Literally some tasks seem so massive that our mental state has no reasonable finish line. The key is to set aside a portion of time that is marked by a beginning and end to at least get started. Once that time period is up you are free to move on to something else, but often times you find yourself enjoying the work more than you thought you would. If this is not the case, simply stop what you’re doing and move on to the next part of your day. While you may have only spent minimal time on the project, you have given yourself an idea of where you’re going, and you can begin to estimate how long you have until completion.

3. Search for new techniques and inspiration

The Internet is a great place to start for new strategies and tactics that will take you to the next level. There are masses of resources for almost any hustle that will provide you with bundles of tips, tutorials and resources that can help you break through. The key is to immediately and continually apply the things you have learned otherwise you WILL forget them. Try to incorporate two new strategies you have learned into the same project, the results will astound you.

4. Clean Up Your Space, Take Care of Important Tasks

It’s hard to be productive with mounds of trash cluttering your workspace and invading your creative zone. For us messy people it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but subconsciously it adds drain and baggage to the present state of things. Knowing that you have other important tasks to do creates stress that is non complimentary to being a creative zone. Make a list and find out where you priorities lie.

5. Be Persistent. Accept that it wont be easy.

Anyone who is attempting to accomplish things knows the routine. Start something new with high expectations and as the hours go by the idea slowly fizzles away and we become bored, tired, and uninterested. This is the black hole. It sucks you in and spits you out a lifeless and uninspired blob. The key is when you hit that wall ||||| CONTINUE. I’ve experienced this for years and it usually turns out that right when you become so frustrated with an idea that you are about to quit, you just need to get that extra 5% of work to hit the top of the bell curve. You will break through. It will come together. It’s not going to be easy. Just be persistent.

6. Quantity Over Quality

Said no one ever right? But the truth is that ideas are continually fleeting and your current skill sets to execute these ideas are continually growing. The infinite potential of starting a new project and idea exponentially exceeds a current one that has already been molded and shaped. Give up on perfection. Remember that while your taste for ideas is excellent, you often do not yet have the skill to match that expectation of quality. That is ok. Save these ideas and move forward. You can come back to them when you have more skill and ability. In the meantime continue pushing forward, experimenting, and keep your eye on the big picture.