Best and (Mostly) Free Ways To Improve Mac Book Performace

Finding easy (and free) ways to improve the speed of MacBook can make huge returns when it comes to completely tasks with ease and efficiency.  If you’re somebody who demands a lot of out your computer, you should take a small amount of time to do some housekeeping making some small investments that will give you exponential returns.


Clear Your Computer Cache:

Every computer has a “cache” that stores files for you computer to access as needed so that the files do not have to be committed to hard drive memory.  Problematically these files can build up, even on a weekly basis.  You can watch this video here about how to remove these files.

Desktop Icons


The number of desktop items or icons can cause a significant amount of drain on your computer’s CPU.  Creating folders for these icons is a simple yet effective way to minimize this drain.  Here’s a great video from Lynda (Tutorials and Resources) about organizing your desktop.


Free Up Space On Your Hard-Drive


Remember how fast your computer used to be?  Freeing up disk space is critical to keeping your computer running efficiently (see why here). If you only have a few gigabytes of space on your hard-drive this can be extremely problematic.  Once a hard drive reaches peak memory, your operating system no longer has an ability to categorize and store everything from basic caches to essential operation items.  As a general rule you should have at least 20% of your hard-drive free before your performance will slump significantly.  If you have a solid state hard drive, things become a different ball game.

Upgrade Your Ram

Everything you need to know about replacing ram in your MacBook

Ram (Random Access Memory) is a critical part of your what makes a computer be able to access data efficiently and quickly.  Unlike traditional files storage within your hard-drive ram looses its information once your computer is turned off. Luckily, if you own a MacBook (Pre 2013 models) this is an incredibly easy upgrade. Unfortunately, Apple has decided with its newer models to stop allowing homemade improvements such as internal hard drives and RAM by soldering them directly to the motherboard.  There are ways around this, but they certainly are not cheap. If you are looking to upgrade the ram in your Mac Book, I would recommend Crucial, which is my personal choice (not a plug).  You can figure out what type of memory your ram needs here.

Upgrade Your Hard-Drive

See our guide to solid-state drives and why you should have one.