Swap My Cookies ( Replaced By Session Box ): The Social Media Management Plugin That Changed My Life

What’s The Best Social Media Management Plugin of 2018?

Update 2018:

There’s a new plugin that you should know about, as Swap My Cookies has not worked for quite some time, years maybe. Maybe it’s fixed now? Not sure, never looking back.

sessionbox. It’s one of the most extensive social media management plugins to date.

TL;DR *Too Long; Didn’t Read*

  • Group your web logins by project, business, client, or social media platform for quick access
  • Login to any account within a new tab; use any account in any tab
  • Works for every website we’ve ever encountered.
  • Sync your social media account through one login and any computer
  • Sync all back-end logins: WordPress, cPanel, Google Analytics, web hosts, google accounts and pretty much everything you’ve logged into.
  • Transfers login credentials across tabs so that your logins stay independent across tabs
  • Works cross platform with Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera for Windows and Mac
  • It costs $1 per month for unlimited session creation

Here’s the fully functional trial version.¬†You’ll be limited to creating a handful of sessions and a few small features, but it delivers all the essential functions. For managing your professional profiles and your independent profiles, especially across dozens of accounts, social media and website profiles, the $1/month fee is life changing.

How to Use Session Box

Open a page you’d like create a “session” for.
Create a new session from your SessionBox browser plugin (Click the + icon)
Designate the name, icon, color, and group settings
(e.g; Session: IndieHustleTwitter Group: Indie Hustle)

What’s great about session box is that it allows seamless synchronization of your passwords and accounts with complete command of your social and web account administrations.

It just works, and for that, we’re grateful.