Meet 20-Year-Old Producer and Wisconsin Native: GRYFN

While relatively new to the production game, hip-hop and electronic based producer GRYFN, has a profile of a seasoned and well-rounded producer. The sound scape of GRYFN’s works feature elements of instrumental, electronic, atmospheric, and always bass driven grooves. A theme throughout his works resonates a personal character and vision. The vocals are soul driven and the texture is heavy. He brings a well-defined and refreshing sound that is creating an impeding wave resonating throughout the Internet. For now, he continues to fly under the radar, while continuing to work on honing his craft. GRYFN is currently working on a collaborative effort with local MC Illiam D as he explains below. We got a hold of Griffin and learned a little bit more about his outlook as a producer and musician.

Start out by telling us a little bit about yourself and how/when you got into producing music.

My name is Griffin Belzer, I’m 20 years old and I started producing about 3 or so years ago. I have always loved/played music, in bands and stuff, but when I went away to school (and away from my band) I needed some sort of outlet for creativity and that was about the same time I really started listening to a lot more hip hop and electronic music. So I started making electronic music my freshman year and have just been going at it ever since.

Your tracks range from pleasant melodic instrumentals to heavy bass rattled trap bangers. What type of you music you enjoy making the most?

It really just depends on what I’m in the mood for most that moment, or that week. I listen to a lot of every type of hip-hop and music, so I try to draw influences from everywhere. Trap beats are fun because they don’t take long to push out but they always feel epic and hyphy, like something you just wanna blast and feel ignorant and have a good time to. On the flip side, I really try to be creative and push my limits as far as sonic elements when I’m not trying to make a typical banger. I like making really artsy, ghostly sounding things that I can just get lost in. Stuff that just feels emotional.

What producer do you feel is the most innovative and prolific at moment?

Most innovative? A lot of the underground guys that are coming up right now, like Schlohmo, Clams (Casino) obviously, I’ve been getting really into Mount Kimbie lately as well. As far as prolific, I feel like Mike Will and Yung Chop are pretty much running the production game right now. They’re everywhere; on fire.

What’s the most satisfying thing about creating music, what keeps you going?

It’s like a drug. Every time I get excited about an idea and lay down the initial melody/loop/or sample and then layer the drums on it I get a total rush. Its addicting, like a total thrill every time I get those first patterns over an idea and can blast it and it sounds exactly like I’m hearing in my head.

How do you feel about the local scene in a smaller city?

The local scene hasn’t been delivering much innovation (Illiam D. and a handful of others excluded). I think there is some undiscovered talent and I’d like to keep working to put La Crosse on the map. But at the moment, I’ve been trying to branch out with my music because of the lacking hip-hop scene locally. The current La Crosse hip-hop movement is too niche-oriented and desperately needs to embrace adaptivity if it wants to grab any attention.

What advice would you give to aspiring producers?

Make a lot of music, and don’t let yourself plateau. With each new track or idea, try to do something different and try something new. Constantly listen to other producers and artists that you love and figure out what specific little things they’re doing that you aren’t, then figure out how to do them and incorporate them in your work.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Lots. I’m currently working on a collaborative mixtape/EP with my boy Illiam D that should be out in the near future, as well as more free instrumental mixtapes, some more remixes, and some other artists I’m collaborating with. I hope to just continue to expand my sound, try new sounds, and work with different people and rappers.

As far as Illiam D and I, we have been friends since high school. a year ago, we started collaborating because we listen/vibe to a lot of the same stop. Him and I mesh really well together. Since we were making so much music together, we decided to release a split EP with me handling production. It’s been dope so far.

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