Rappin’ Ricky – Making School Cool

We’ve all experienced moments in our lives where classroom settings have left us embarrassed, confused, and feeling stupid. The lines stand rigid between the right and and wrong answer, reaffirmed by the swift sting of judgement and glares from onlooking peers. Youth are keen to establish where they fit in the crayon box and are groomed to believe that success is linear and requires a strict adherence to the rules. Those who do not comply will certainly fail and suffer. Lost upon leaders in education is a shockingly novel conclusion: it does not have to be this way.

Education: Where It All Went Wrong

The recognized standard for excellence in all forms of academia isn’t what students actually learn, but what they can regurgitate – in form and on demand. Sadly, we’ve seen the disaster of an education system that has been created by attempting to incentivize and test our way to academic excellence. We have yet to see the catastrophe that unfolds as we continue to create an army of youth growing up addicted to speed (Adderall). The problem continues to amplify when looking at schools where students face harsh external realities, fewer resources, and learning environments that lack compassion and understanding. We need real solutions for the kids left behind, beyond suited-policy-reform that represents value with smoke and mirrors. We need solutions that not only educate, but also entertain, engage, and empower. Enter the most likely of all unlikely rap superheros – Rappin’ Ricky.

photo-original ricky

Rappin’ Ricky gives us all a chance to create a better version of ourselves; a version that is free from socioeconomic disparities, discrimination, and educational disadvantages. Through Ricky’s powerful voice, we can not only positively impact the world through rap music, but revolutionize the process in which education is consumed by creating animated content that’s attractive to kids because it’s diverse, cool, timely, relevant and informative. – Rodney Lucas

Educate – Entertain – Empower

Behind the voice and character of Rappin’ Ricky is the poet, actor, rapper, educator, and wordsmith Rodney Lucas. Lucas, known to rock a stage under the moniker F. Stokes (Eff – Dot – Stokes), has been globetrotting the independent rap game over a decade. He has managed to continually defy odds and redefine what modern day independent culture embodies: a fearless and uncompromising approach to creating a worthwhile reality. Stokes has continually leveraged his talents to reinvest, revamp, and revitalize our youth which is something rap culture could use a lot more of.

It is not only rap culture, but education as whole, that is missing thought leaders who inspire new solutions to dogmatic routines of the past. We need to stop treating kids like cardboard cutouts. Education needs reform in a way that inspires creative thinking, positive lifestyle choices, and engages children on a level that inspires their personal curiosity.


One Last Push

Backers funding this project will being helping to create Rappin’ Ricky’s music catalog, educational videos, E-books, and a mobile app. If the KickStarter Campaign can reach its goal of $10,000 a gracious donor has agreed to pledge an additional $15,000! With 15 days left, every dollar and share brings Rappin’ Ricky that much closer to reality. Take a moment and help F. Stokes carry the torch that illuminates opportunity, positive energy, and and hope for the future ambassadors of the world.

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