The Last Cover Letter Template You’ll Ever Need

Stop giving HR a great reason not to interview you.

What’s A Cover Letter Anyway?

Writing covers letters can be tedious, confusing, and difficult but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We want to do you a solid and give you one of the best ways to get yourself in the door.  Contrary to popular belief, the real purpose of writing a cover letter isn’t to get a job.  It is to create a dialogue that would make another person want to sit in a room with you and ask you questions. Realize that getting in the door is the only thing that matters. More importantly, everything that you do when it comes to writing cover letters to an HR rep or hiring manager has nothing to do with what makes you qualified for the position.  The reality is, they are looking for reasons to disqualify you.

Stop Giving Them A Reason To Disqualify You

Whether it’s your failure to understand company culture, you’re one grammatical slip up, or running out of ways to tell someone how consistently fantastic you are, the truth is that the more you say – the more they have to use against you.  So how do you tell them everything they need to know without seeming lazy and shallow? You give them only what they need to know.

How Do You Appeal To An Audience When You Don’t Know Who They Are?

The best advice anyone is going to give you about cover letters is the most basic advice when it comes down to any communication: know who you’re talking to. 

This can be difficult because many jobs might not even list contacts, or even the company you are applying for.  While you could dig through the mud of the internet to find these details or start making phone calls, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who that person is, it only matters what their relationship is to the position.  Generally the two options are going to be HR, or a direct employee/manager within the department or company.  Either way, these people don’t have a lot of time, and they don’t care about you as person through a representation of a name on a paper.  They care about finding the best candidate for the job.

There Are Two Types Of Cover Letters And Two Types Of People

There are those that are basic, and those that are not.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what a cover letter is, why they are only trying to disqualify you, and the importance of knowing your audience; how do you get yourself to stand out? Well…the key here is that you might not want to.  The nail that sticks out gets hammered.  Sometimes, employers aren’t looking for somebody to redefine the wheel, get creative, and kick ass. 

Enter The T Letter

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.05.41 PM

Between the two ways that you are going to submit a cover letter, whether that being in a Word document or in a plain text format we have a template for both.  This template is simplicity, efficiency, and utility at its finest.  Through using a simple format that is easy to read and follow you display that you not only are qualified for the position but that you’re also great at providing information in a curated and direct way.  By using a table or text that provides the job qualifications, and you’re qualifications in direct contrast you remove the possibility of the person reading it not understanding the role or position, or being unfamiliar with its require skill sets.

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